Frequently asked questions

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    Are you a member of the Berean Fellowship?
    No, We are an independent Baptist Church
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    What is there for my kids
    We have many opportunities for your children. Please check out our children's ministry page for more details.
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    How do I Join the Church
    All those who desire to be members of the church must have trusted Christ and be baptized by single immersion. In addition to these basic requirements, all members must agree to and follow our statement of faith. There is no monetary requirement for church membership. We welcome people from all walks of life.
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    What do you believe?
    Please visit our Church documents page to view our constitution and articles of faith.
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    What should I wear
    Wear whatever you are comfortable in. On a typical Sunday morning, some wear suits and dresses, while others are quite casual.
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    What do you do to screen those working with children
    Each individual that wants to work with children at our church must be known to us for at least six months. In addition, they undergo extensive training and background checks. You can view our entire policy on our documents page.
If you have more questions please contact us